DeNelle C. Lunsford has always been in love with beauty and fashion. She began her career by becoming a licensed Esthetician and a MUD certified Makeup Artist in 2013 when she graduated from Bellus Academy in Poway California. After graduating from Bellus Academy she became a Freelance Makeup Artist for MAC and from 2013 - 2017 DeNelle worked for celebrity fashion designers, Andre' Soriano for The Alpha Project and live segments on Good morning San Diego KUSI and also on San Diego 6 the CW. While in California she assisted Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Melissa Street on the Groovy Like a Movie set. She also has done multiple fashion shows with Lizz Russell and her Cocktails and Couture fashion show fundraiser for GBS/CIDP foundation which was published in Social Diary's magazine by Margo Schwab. DeNelle also provided professional makeup for following events: Wild For Life Benefit fashion show Saving America's horses for Bentlee Wear Leonard Simpson's Dressed Annual Gala benefiting Miracle Babies.​

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DeNelle participated in (FWSD) Fashion Week San Diego for 4 consecutive years. 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 with Bellus Academy and Makeup State of Mind. At the end of 2016, DeNelle joined the Award-winning Unique and Flawless Signature hair and Makeup wedding team based out of San Marcos, California. In September of 2018, she moved to North Carolina and began to establish her presence. In October of 2018, DeNelle participated in FTM Fashion week in Jacksonville, North Carolina as a makeup artist and in February of 2019 was made the Lead Makeup Artist for FTM Fashion Week NYC, VA, NJ, FL, & NC. “OnCue” is a metaphor for being ready to go! Enhancing your natural beauty is her business so whether you are doing a photo-shoot, getting married, going to a ball, out to dinner or having a baby shower, whatever the occasion be OnCue!​ Currently, DeNelle is the Lead MUA for FTM Fashion Week yearly and an education ambassador for Circadia by Dr.Puglise.